Welcome to attend Canton Fair 2020

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We (Jiangsu Vandee Arts & Crafts Co., Ltd.) will attend the 127th online Canton Fair which will be hold from 15th to 24th. June 2020.

Due to the epidemic of covid-19, the Spring Canton fair will be held online, which will help us to get better communication and understanding with our customers , In order to make cooperation with each other. We will strive to show "special period, special meaning, special wonderful" Online exhibition. Welcome domestic and abroad customers to visit our online exhibition.

Welcome to attend Canton Fair 2020

We will display a variety of plush toy products on the online exhibition, such as Plush toys, pet toys, comforters, squeeze balls, cushions and neck pillows etc. seasonal products, and our new products will be also showed on the exhibition. We will give a professional explanation of the products which showed to you. Customers domestic and abroad can communicate with us according to their own needs and preferences. You can directly purchase the products designed by us, or you can send us your drawings or samples. We will make it according to your request.

Through the professional toy exhibition, we expect to get the opportunity to communicate with customers face to face and negotiate cooperation with each other

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