Report of Canton Fair from 23rd to 27th October 2019

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We (Jiangsu Vandee Arts & Crafts Co., Ltd.) attended the 126th Canton Fair which was held from 23rd to 27th October 2019.

Customers came from different countries paid much attention on the products that we had exhibited at our booth. Especially the plush squeezing balls series, plush animals win more attention among a lot of customers.

Customers of France, Netherlands, and England placed orders to us right away respective for the plush Unicorn animal, plush wild animals and plush alpaca. And other customers were impressed by our novel design style, soft material quality, and workshop capability, expressed their willingness to work together with us in the future. We got hundreds of emails by attachment of their drawings and sketch, discussed the details how to make a real plush toy for them.

We think it is meaningful to attend the specialized toy fair, it is really a good chance to have a face to face meeting with our customers, and also through this opportunity they are able to express their thoughts toward the design and material regarding a particular character, better for us to understand and make their ideas or drawings come true.

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